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Helping Children to Flourish:
nurturing confidence, emotional balance and character strengths

Tuesday 7 May 2019

9.30am - 4.30pm


Flourishing is another way of saying good mental health or emotional wellbeing. It means being able to enjoy life, to cope with life’s difficulties and to believe that you have something you can give to others.
This course is about finding ways to promote flourishing in children and young people. It will focus on three key aspects of flourishing: confidence, emotional balance and character strengths.
Confident children and young people are more likely to try new things and be more able to deal with challenges. Confidence can also lead to stronger and healthier relationships.
Emotional balance is about finding the balance between pleasant and unpleasant feelings. This can help children and young people to feel happy, cope with stress and get the most out of their lives.
Character strengths make you the person you are: they are things like bravery, caution, honesty and kindness. When children and young people notice, value and use their character strengths, they can build happier, more meaningful lives.
The course will also give an outline of mindful practice, to help you become more aware of your own mental wellbeing, and explore some practical tools you can use with children and young people.



To help you feel more aware of and skilled in ways to help children and young people grow in confidence, balance their emotions and develop their character strengths.


Training methods

This course will consist of a variety of learning styles including: taught material, group discussion, self reflection and practical activities.


Learning outcomes

You will learn:
What confidence, emotional balance and character strengths are, and why these are important for children and young people’s wellbeing.
What helps us as adults to feel confident, to feel emotionally balanced and to develop and use our character strengths.
Practical ways we can help children flourish.


Who should attend?

This course is suitable for people working with children or young people.
Please note: priority will be given to people working in Fife.





Venue: Playfield Institute, Stratheden Hospital, Cupar, KY15 5RR
Date: Tuesday 7 May 2019
Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm
Cost: Free
Facilitator: Wendy Simpson, Chartered Health Psychologist