About our training


Who are our courses for?

Our training courses are aimed at people working with or caring for children and young people in a professional role.

What courses are available?

Please see our training programme for courses available just now.

Bespoke training

We recognise that individual services have unique and specific training requirements. As a result, we can tailor training to meet these needs. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Who are the trainers?

Most of our courses are run by Child and Adolescent Mental Health clinicians. We also have courses that are run by other experienced practitioners from a range of professional backgrounds. If you are interested in providing training, please get in touch.

How much do courses cost?

Our courses are free for workers based in Fife.


All our courses are evaluated, and the feedback received is used to improve future courses and develop our training programme. For more info, please see our evaluation page.


Contact us at: playfield.training@nhs.net