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Mental Health Strategy 2013-2020

What matters to you? A joint mental health strategy for the people of Fife 2013-2020


Journal articles

Tabak, I; Zabłocka-Żytka, L; Ryan, P; Zanone Poma, S; Joronen, K; Viganò, G; Simpson, W; Paavilainen, E; Scherbaum, N; Smith, M; Dawson, I.
Needs, expectations and consequences for children growing up in a family where the parent has a mental illness. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing (accepted for publication Sep 2015)
Wendy Simpson, Carolyn Brown, Nara Nisbet, Ruth Metcalfe, Zoe Claisse, Lorna Watson (2013). Innovations in Practice: A new model of autism spectrum disorder assessment and diagnosis by multiagency community-based teams in primary schools. Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 18(3), 187–190.
Article first published online 13 July 2012
Julia Neufeind & Margaret Hannah (2012). Talking openly: using ‘6D cards’ to facilitate holistic, patient-led communication. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 24(1), 49-54.
Wendy Simpson, Lee Cowie, Lucy Wilkinson, Naomi Lock, Graham Monteith (2010). The Effectiveness of a Community Intensive Therapy Team on Young People’s Mental Health Outcomes. Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 15(4), 217-223.
Wendy Simpson, Graham Buchanan, Graham Monteith (2009). Investing in the mental health of Fife: The Playfield Institute. The Journal of Public Mental Health, 8(1), 11-18.
Wendy Simpson, Graham Buchanan, Graham Monteith (2008). Investing in the mental health of Fife: a sustainable model for increasing mental health workforce capacity to help children flourish. The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice: Issues for workforce development, 3(4), 11-19.


HandsOnScotland Toolkit reports:

HandsOnScotland Toolkit Post-Launch Evaluation Report (August 2008)
HandsOnScotland Toolkit Pilot Study Report (September 2007)
HandsOnScotland Toolkit Report on Consultation Process (January 2007)


WASP (West-Fife Autism Spectrum Pilot) reports:

Full Report (January 2009)
Executive Summary (January 2009)


Other reports:

Springfield Project Evaluation (2010)
Mindfulness Course Evaluation (2010)
Foster Carers’ Training and Support Needs (March 2009)
The 7 habits of Successful Families Pilot Programme - Evaluation Report (December 2008)
‘Help me help my child’ - A qualitative evaluation of views on support for parents of children with mental health problems (2007)