Support during COVID-19

7-step daily checklist for looking after our emotional wellbeing during COVID-19

1. Breathing deeply as much as we can during the day
2. Nourishing our bodies with good food and sleep
3. Respecting our feelings if we’re sad, angry or scared
4. Connecting with someone who cares for us or who makes us laugh
5. Relaxing by switching off from work and news and doing something easy that we enjoy
6. Moving our bodies in a way that is fun or feels good
7. Taking notice of the good things in our lives
  Click here for a printable pdf of the checklist





Our other website, HandsOn, has several pages of helpful information and support:

COVID-19: Helpful websites and resources - including support with children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing
Looking after our emotional wellbeing during COVID-19 - ways to rest, reduce tension and recharge
At home during the COVID-19 outbreak - including links to lots of learning resources, activities and support




Please note that the Playfield Institute website is not being updated regularly - please go to HandsOn for current information.



Page updated 11 May 2020