About us

Our vision

Playfield Institute's vision is for all children, young people and their families in Fife to be mentally healthy.



Our mission


Playfield Institute’s mission is to empower frontline workers, parents and carers to build the mental health of children, young people and their families in Fife.

We do this by:
Developing, facilitating and providing training to increase awareness, build skills, increase confidence and offer practical tools to improve mental health
Providing research expertise to facilitate better understanding of what works and why
Signposting current, high quality information on mental health
Empowering workers, parents and carers to build their own mental health



Our values

Creating a positive, inclusive image of mental health to help reduce stigma
Providing a welcoming, reflective environment for learning and development
Encouraging a kind, accepting and mindful approach in all our activities
Facilitating a creative environment which is open to progressive ideas and innovative interventions in mental health



About the staff


Emma George

Emma works on improvement projects in CAMHS, including outcomes data and waiting times initiatives. She also develops and coordinates the Institute’s training programme. Emma maintains the websites for Playfield Institute and HandsOnScotland. She has a degree and postgraduate diploma in Psychology.

Email: emmageorge@nhs.net
Shelley Moir
Data Analyst

Shelley works on the Scottish Government Waiting Times HEAT target for CAMHS. She is involved in ongoing CAMHS improvement work and has recently achieved a professional certificate in Quality Improvement Models.

Email: shelley.moir@nhs.net
Wendy Simpson
Acting Institute Manager

Dr Wendy Simpson is a co-founder of the Playfield Institute. She is a Chartered Health Psychologist and has a PhD in Psychology. Wendy has several years experience in health services research and training facilitation. She has a special interest in mindfulness, compassion focused approaches and positive psychology.

Email: w.simpson@nhs.net

Abby Stephenson
Acting Project Manager

Abby works on the e-Health Improvement Programme in Mental Health, and is currently managing the implementation of an electronic patient record. She is also involved in ongoing CAMHS improvement work. Abby has a degree in Psychology and a postgraduate diploma in Quality Improvement.

Email: abbystephenson@nhs.net




Where are we?


We are at Stratheden Hospital near Cupar, in Fife, KY15 5RR, Scotland.

For directions and maps, click here.



Why did the Institute start?


Playfield Institute was set up in 2005 by NHS Fife in direct response to the recommendations made by the Scottish Needs Assessment Programme (SNAP) Report of Children and Young People's Mental Health (2003). The report indicated that many people working with children and young people needed further training and support when dealing with mental health issues.